Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, Lindsey got a book of things to do in the United States (I think) and it has a whole section on things to do in California. We decided that we should pick something to do twice a month (or at least once a month). We could go sight seeing one time and then go hiking another time. So, our first trip was something that everyone does if they come to the LA area. We went to Hollywood!! Harrison and I had been there before. Actually Lindsey had been there before too. But I believe that it was Patrick’s first time. We did go to Rodeo Drive, which I have never done and we went to Pink’s (famous hot dog Stand). We waited in line for over an hour at Pink’s and I still think my favorite hotdog is at Bryson’s Store (this is my aunt and uncle’s general store in VA). We had a good time, but we were ready to get home and rest. We had all of the Hollywood we could handle for one day. Our first, monthly excursion was fun. I will let you know when we have another adventure. Here are some pictures from that day:

Pink's Famous Hot Dog Stand

Hollywood Sign above and below (see if you can spot it in the picture below)

Lindsey and Judy Garland

Harrison with Harrison Ford


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas events with Patrick and Lindsey

Here are a few pictures that were taken on Lindsey's camera that she sent to me. This all happened right before our Christmas break. So, this messes up the order of the blog, but I wanted to put them on here anyway.

This was a short show we saw at "The Grove" (which is a really cool outdoor mall in LA). They rode in on a trolley and danced for us. (above and below)

Lindsey and I at The Grove

Harrison and I at The Grove

At the Grove

Lindsey and patrick in Glendora (right after Thanksgiving). This was a fun way to usher in the Christmas Season. They opened up all the shops and had fun "christmassy" things to do.

In Glendora

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here are some pictures from our California Christmas and Savannah Christmas. The pictures are in no order...sorry. I started adding them and didn't realize that they weren't going to be in order. We had a wonderful time on our Christmas vacation.

Harrison and I had gotten Sarah some Sushi dishes last Christmas. Through the year she had added to it and we had a Sushi night at was great! (above and below)

New year's Day Football

I made Chocolate Covered Strawberries for New Years Day lunch

On River Street

Watching Football on New Years Day

In Downtown with the family...The Raynor's made it to Savannah (above and below)

On a Sailboat (above and below)

Christmas Day Feast...Cornish Game Hens

We gave Cam and Sarah (Harrison's parents) a calendar with pictures of the family...It turned out really well!

Christmas in California. We celebrated the Saturday before Christmas day (above & below)

Christmas morning in Savannah

Christmas Eve was so good

Sorry this is sideways. These were our Christmas Eve appetizers

Friday, January 9, 2009

Back from the Break

So, it's been a while. I knew work was going to get crazy right when I started this blog. I am going to have to try extra hard to work on it in my spare time at home.

We were so blessed to be able to go home for Christmas this year. Harrison had not been to the East Coast since we left this summer. I got off work on Dec. 23rd and we hopped on a plane at 11:15 that night. We arrived very tired, but safe and very excited to be in Savannah on Christmas Eve. Christmas in Savannah was so relaxing and just what we needed. The whole family was there, which was amazing. It has become very hard to get the whole family together for events these days. My parents and siblings made it down to Savannah a few days after Christmas and we spent the New Year's together...all of the Huxford's and all of the Raynor's. I still can't believe that we were able to pull it off. We had 9 great days in Savannah before we had to go home. It was so hard to leave because our time flew by. I wasn't ready to get back to the real world. Harrison started school Monday, Jan. 5th and I went back to work. The first week back has been really hectic. Harrison has 3 night classes this quarter, so we will really be cherishing the time that we do get to see each other. This was a very quick update. I will write more and I will post pictures later.