Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our First Dodgers Game

Our friend Brian had a birthday on May 12th. Kelly, his wife, organized a trip to the Dodgers game to celebrate. We brought our own grilled hot dogs, chips and drinks and enjoyed the view way up from the top. It was great!!! There is nothing like a good hot dog and cheap seats at a baseball game. I love it! At the end of the game (which we lost) they had fireworks. They actually opened up the field and we got to go out on the grass and watch the show. It was awesome. It was themed to music and everything. Here are some pictures from that night. Hope you enjoy!
On the field!
Brian and Kelly catching a (pretend) fly ball

Our own "Kiss Cam"

A lady playing the organ for "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." I didn't know that there was someone who actually played this live!!
I don't know why this is on here twice...but I can't get it to delete...Sorry!

Just arriving at the field!

I definitely need to preface this video...
Harrison thought it would be fun to get a view of the whole stadium and have us spinning with the camera. This is a pretty crazy video...especially when Kelly starts to fall.

Cam and Sarah come to visit!

Harrison and I were so excited for Cam and Sarah to come in April. We had a lot of fun the week they were here, but of course it went really fast. We did a lot while they were here. We made it to Malibu, Irvine, Fullerton, San Clemente (for some clam chowder in a bread bowl) and then we went to Temecula. Temecula is close to the Ranch that Harrison's Grandfather managed during his retirement years. It was so great to see a place that holds such a special place in Harrison's heart. Here are a few pictures we took on the Ranch. Sorry there aren't more.