Monday, September 7, 2009

Karland Jo Curtis, June 25 2009

My sister, Kelly, was due on June 25th. So, we were anxiously awaiting the call for when they were heading to the hospital. That call finally came on Tuesday, June 24th and the waiting began. I kept getting updates all day about how she was doing. Finally, they called at 10 something (our time) and said that Karland had finally made her entrance into the world. SO, Karland was actually born on June 25th (her due like her mom...has to be exact). Harrison and I had to wait 2 whole months before we got to see her, but when we did, it was such an amazing experience. I never knew that being an aunt would bring me so much joy. Being the aunt and uncle who are far away, we get updates all the time. Pictures, by text email and videos by skype have been the tie between the miles of space between us. We can’t wait for our next visit…and for more nieces and nephews!! Here are some of my favorites: