Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snowy California

That's right...I said "snowy." Most people think of Southern California as a place where it's always sunny and 70 degrees. Well, usually it is, but there are also mountains in California that are really close to LA. So, 2 hours from our home in Pasadena, there are places that actually get snow. The whole Huxford family decided to have a California Thanksgiving this year. We were so excited for them to get here!! We love family and enjoy every minute we get to spend with them. Our apartment is very tiny, so instead of cramming in there or staying in different places in Pasadena, Sarah suggested that we go to Big Bear, CA (this is the mountain that I mentioned earlier that is 2 hours away). Everyone got here and we spent a few days in Pasadena so they could see where we live, work, go to school, etc. Then we headed to Big Bear. When we left on Wednesday it was high 60s or low 70s in Pasadena. I was sweating like crazy while we were packing up the car. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) was still pretty warm (I was starting to wish I had brought some short-sleeve shirts), but it started cooling down that night. Friday, the girls decided to go shop a little in their cute downtown area. At this point the wind was really picking up and we were ready to get home to a warm fire. Saturday morning we woke up to SNOW!!!! We had gotten about 6 inches overnight!! It was so pretty, but I had not prepared for snow at all. It was the furthest thing from my mind when I left 70 degree weather on Wednesday. I didn't have good snow shoes or warm enough clothes. Luckily, most of the time we just stayed in the warm house (or in the hot tub). Patrick and Lindsey also joined us for Thanksgiving lunch. I am grateful they made the drive to spend time with us that day.

We split holidays between our families, so we were spending Thanksgiving with the Huxford's and Christmas with the Raynor's this year. Because of this arrangement, the Huxford's usually do Christmas at Thanksgiving (when we don't see each other at Christmas). So, we woke up Friday morning to stockings and gifts. We had such a great time with Cam, Sarah, Cam, Hailey and Garrett!!! We hated to see everyone go back home, but we made some great memories. Here are some pictures of our time in Big Bear.

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